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Department of Plant Protection Overview
Department of Plant Protection Overview
The Plant Protection measures help in increasing the per hectare yield by protecting crops from damages of insects, diseases and weeds, because, without effective protection against the attack of pests and diseases, the beneficial outcome of other inputs may not be realized either. In this connection, the Department of Plant Protection provides facilities, such as, locust survey and control; pest control by air on field crops, quarantine of agricultural commodities, and monitoring of pesticides imports, manufacture, formulation, repacking, advertisement, sale, use and quality.
Locust Survey & Control  
!! Locust Survey & Control !!

The Department has averted many disasters since 1947, The Department keeps constant vigil in the locust prone regions in Pakistan which are spread over 3000,000 square kilometers.

Plant Quarantine  
!! Plant Quarantine !!
The Pakistan Plant Quarantine Act 1976 and Rules 1967 tare enforced through which the country is protected from the entry and spread of exotic insect pests and disease and trade of plants and plant products is facilitated.
Pesticide Registration  
!! Pesticide Registration !!
Pesticide are regulated through the agricultural Pesticides Ordinance 1971, The responsibility of registration / permission for import and quality control is executed through the Department of Plant Protection. Due to the efforts of the Department, the prices are not only contained but declined by 30-40% despite devaluation of Pak Rupee.
Aerial Pest Control  
!! Aerial Pest Control !!
The department maintains 20 aircrafts for locust & crop-pests spray. However, most of these aircraft require repair and replacement. The large scale aerial spraying has been discontinued after transfer of pesticides trade in 1980 to the private sector. At present the Department is conducting free of cost aerial spraying on orchard in Balochistan.
Federal Pesticide Testing and Reference Laboratory
!! Federal Pesticide Testing and Reference !!
Testing samples for Registration, Appeal against analysis reports of the Provincial Government Labs, Quality Control / Import, Officially purchased chemicals, Training to provincial chemists.

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